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Adding ApricotMaps to your Wild Apricot website is a very simple process, in fact there are only three steps!

1) Step one - copy embed code

You can find you embed code when you log into either apricotmaps.com or dashboard.wildapricot.com. Click here for more information.

2) Step two - add HTML gadget to your Wild Apricot page

When editing your page, look for the HTML gadget in the list of available gadgets in the sidebar. it is usually located near the top, just after the content gadget. Drag this to where you want the directory to appear. It is recommended to place the directory in a one-column layout, however it is responsive and will work if placed in a multi-column layout.

3) Step three - add embed code to HTML gadget

In the gadget settings for the HTML gadget, click on the "Edit Code" button and in the dialog box that pops up paste in the code you copied in Step 1. Click save on the dialog box, and then on the page. That's it! You're done. If you like, you can add content gadgets above or below the directory to include additional information or instructions for your users.

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